Swim Around Keppel 2021

Saturday 7th August 2021

Great Keppel Island: Great Keppel Island Hideaway, Keppels, Australia



  • Open water swim-Individual 20km - Individual Entry for SAK2021
  • Open water swim - Relay 20km - Group-registration team


Registrations open Sunday, March 7th (7:00am Brisbane time) 


Join us on the Great Barrier Reef for Australia’s only tropical island swimming marathon – and be one of the few to swim around beautiful Great Keppel Island. 

The 3rd Annual Swim Around Keppel 2021 (SAK2021) event will be held on Great Keppel Island on Saturday, 7th August 2021.

A unique event, SAK2021 features a circumnavigation-style island swim route in tropical waters and covers a total distance of 20km – one of Australia’s longest swimming marathons.

SAK2021 offers two event categories – Individual Swim and Team Relay (teams of 3 to 5, mixed genders are welcome). Persons aged 14 years and over on the 7th of August 2021 are eligible to register.

To enter the Individual Swim event, a person must have previous open water swimming experience and complete an official open water 10km race under 4 hours. For more information please check Event Info.

Due to the nature of this event, all individual swimmers must be accompanied by an assisting vessel (paddler). No motorised vessel is required for the individual swimmer and no SUPs are allowed. KISA boats will be present and stationary every ~1km throughout the course, and numerous KISA PWCs will be navigating. Course markers/buoys might be used.

Teams must also be accompanied by a support boat. For more information please check Event Info.

Individual swimmers and teams will commence at the same time, ~10am at The Spit on Saturday, 7th August and proceed in a clockwise direction around the island to coincide with tidal movement. The swim will officially finish at ~5pm.

The Presentation and After Party will be held at the GKI Hideaway Island Bar & Bistro at 6pm. Late boat departure on the day is available, but…why would you want to leave..?

For more informatioin please visit www.swimaroundkeppel.com.au 

Event details and schedule

We know that there will be plenty of questions regarding the event and specifict. There will be  information sessions for the participants and support crew available.  Some sessions will be live and some prerecorded. 

The most important thing you must remember - Be on Keppel before Saturday the 7th of August 9:00am in a spirit, with your togs, goggles, float, ect. The rest will be just fine :)

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330-360 Berserker St., Northside Pool, Frenchville

Phone: 0468896156

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