St George Training Camp

Saturday 23rd February 2019

St George: 148 Victoria Street, St George, Australia



St George Training Camp

Atlas Multisports encourages people from all ages and fitness levels to get out and enjoy triathlon. This camp is for all ages, backgrounds and fitness abilities who want to improve their skills and ability in Triathlon.

The two-day course provides you with a better understanding of the training principles of the sport and improved skills.

All sessions are provided in a safe, fun environment.

What you will receive:

  • Triathlon specific coaching by Level 1 Triathlon Australia Coach and including –
  1. Cycle session with skills focus
  2. Running session off bike including basics on proper form and technique and advice on training
  3. Swim technique focussed session, with emphasis on Open water skills. Includes racing and training in a triathlon, as well as guidance on swimming in large groups of people, open water tactics and things to remember before and during the swim in a tri.
  4. Transition training and how to reduce your transition time
  • Infinit Nutrition during and post cycles
  • Reading Material
  • Triathlon Nutrition Information
  • Atlas ‘Survival’ Pack
  • Strength session

Event details and schedule

St George Training Camp


23rd and 24th February 2019

What you will need:

  • A bike and helmet
  • Running shoes
  • Swimming gear – togs, cap and goggles

Timetable Friday

5:30pm: Meet and greet – Darren and Karen Armstrong’s house

Timetable Saturday

5am: Cycle/Run - Pool

8:00am: How to set up a transition area and Mini Tri’s (Jason and Brendan), Juniors welcome

2pm: Strength and conditioning session (Brendan) - Pool

3pm: Swim Squad (Jason) - Pool

Timetable Sunday

5:00am: Long Cycle Session 3-4hrs (Jason and Brendan) – Mitchell Road

1pm: Open water swim Training (Jason and Brendan) - River

Please contact for further details.

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