Mt Everest - RACE 7 - The finale of the 7 Continents

Friday 29th October 2021

VIRTUAL_EVENT_AGENCY_ADDRESS: 440/14 Lexington Drive, Bella Vista, Australia

Cycling, Running, Distance running


  • Running-21km (SOLO) - 21km Solo in 42hrs
  • Running-21km (TEAM) - Non-participating team captain-TEAMS 21km
  • Running-21km (TEAM) - Team Captain (21km team in 42hrs)
  • Running-21km (TEAM) - Team Member (21kms team in 42hrs)
  • MARATHON-42.2KM (SOLO) - 42.2kms solo in 42hrs
  • Running-MARATHON-42.2km (TEAM) - Non-participating team captain-TEAMS marathon distance
  • Running-MARATHON-42.2km (TEAM) - Team Captain (42.2kms team in 42hrs)
  • Running-MARATHON-42.2km (TEAM) - Team Member (42.2kms team in 42hrs)
  • Running-160kms (SOLO) - 50kms SOLO
  • Running-160kms (TEAM) - Non-participating team captain-TEAMS 160kms
  • Running-160kms (TEAM) - Team Captain (Team 160kms)
  • Running-160kms (TEAM) - Team Member (Team 160kms)
  • Cycling-160km (SOLO) - Solo Cycling 160km
  • Cycling-160km (TEAM) - Non-participating team captain-TEAMS cycling
  • Cycling-160km (TEAM) - Team Captain (160kms team in 42hrs)
  • Cycling-160km (TEAM) - Team Member (160kms team in 42hrs)
  • Cycling-60km (SOLO) - Solo Cycling 60km


This event is brought to you by 42hrs Pty Ltd. 

We are proud to offer a monthly exciting challenge to spread cheer, health and well-being around the globe.

To allow you the flexibility in participating we have maintained our signature 42hr allocated race time.

This continues to maintain our FREE entry stamp. 


Important points to note:

  • The event is run over 42 hours from 6pm Friday to 12pm Sunday. Your local time.

The following are available for order;

  • A Competitor shirt (year round) for the 2020 'FleXrun and RWTW42’ 
  • Race results-showing ranking in the world if you upload your race time and screenshot.
  • Worldwide/FREE competition
  • Optional Merchandise


Showcase your favourite outfit, race your mates, or simple enjoy and take in the world and all its beauty. Whether in a team or solo. Share your run scenery or images with us in the Facebook group-RWTW42!


Event details and schedule

Race Start: 6pm Your local time 

Race Finish: 12pm your local time. 42hrs.

Equipment: Your watch, and appropriate run wear.

Run Number: Self design your own BIB or use or ideas, we will update this option shortly provide a template on the Facebook page, and have provide to a unique entry code to mark the truly unique event. 

Please upload your results as shown in the intstructions supplied after you register. 

Although your race finishes at 12pm Sunday your local time. You have until Wednesday 2am (Australian Eastern Standard Time) from the finish of the race to upload your results. This allows a minimum of 42 hours for all countries to upload results.

Organised by


440/14 Lexington Drive, Bella Vista

Phone: 02 8814 6265

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