Mike Carney Toyota Paluma Push 2021

Saturday 17th July 2021

Paluma Village: 65 Mount Spec Road, Paluma, Australia

Mountain biking


  • #DO THE PUSH! - 100km Competition
  • #DO THE PUSH! - 70km Competition
  • #DO THE PUSH! - 53km Intermediate
  • #DO THE PUSH! - E-Bike 53km Intermediate
  • #DO THE PUSH! - e-Bike 53km Recreational
  • #DO THE PUSH! - 42km Recreational
  • #DO THE PUSH! - 42km Junior 12-16yrs
  • #DO THE PUSH! - eBike 53Km Recreational


Paluma Push is an iconic XC MTB event, taking riders through World Heritage listed Rainforest in North Queensland. There is nothing more majestical then "pushing" hard through this amazing part of the world.

Event details and schedule

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Organised by

Piper Promotions

PO Box 834, Townsville

Phone: 0490078844

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