Lake Rumble Run 2021

Sunday 23rd May 2021

Neil Hawkins Park: 200 Boas Ave, Joondalup, Australia

Running, Distance running, 5K, Marathon


  • Kookaburra 5K - Junior 5km Dash
  • Kookaburra 5K - Senior 5km Dash
  • Paperbark 14km - Junior 14km Run
  • Paperbark 14km - Senior 14km Run
  • Enduro 28km - Senior Enduro 28km
  • Lake Rumble Marathon 42km - Senior Marathon - 42km


The Lake Rumble Run Festival will take place on  Sunday 23 May 2021  

Lake Rumble Run - a hidden gem, fast and flat hugging the banks of Lake Joondalup in the beautiful Yellagonga Park.

  • Kookaburra 5km - for junior, novice/fun runners
  • Paperbark 14km - for novice athletes and competitive athletes
  • Enduro 28km - for athletes looking to step up or prep for the full marathon distance
  • Lake Rumble Marathon 42km - for the very brave and battle hardened

Race location - Neil Hawkins Park, Joondalup

Event details and schedule

Organised by

XTR Multisports

PO Box 3056, Joondalup

Phone: 08-93001190

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