2019 Victorian Duathlon Series Race 3

Sunday 22nd September 2019

Victorian Duathlon Series: Kevin Bartlett Reserve, Yarra Boulevard, Richmond, Australia

Duathlon, Triathlon, Distance running


  • Sprint Duathlon-5km/20km/3km - Member
  • Sprint Duathlon-5km/20km/3km - Non-Member
  • Dash Duathlon-2km/10km/1km - Member
  • Dash Duathlon-2km/10km/1km - Non-Member
  • Kids Duathlon (10-12y.o)-750m/6km/500m - Member
  • Kids Duathlon (10-12y.o)-750m/6km/500m - Non-Member
  • Kids Duathlon (7-9 y.o.)-500m/3km/250m - Member
  • Kids Duathlon (7-9 y.o.)-500m/3km/250m - Non-Member
  • Multiclass Sprint Duathlon-5km/20km/3km - Member
  • Multiclass Sprint Duathlon-5km/20km/3km - Non-Member
  • Multiclass Dash Duathlon-2km/10km/1km - Member
  • Multiclass Dash Duathlon-2km/10km/1km - Non-Member
  • Multiclass Intermediate Duathlon-750m/6km/500m - Member
  • Multiclass Intermediate Duathlon-750m/6km/500m - Non-Member
  • Multiclass Beginner Duathlon-500m/3km/250m - Member
  • Multiclass Beginner Duathlon-500m/3km/250m - Non-Member


The annual Victorian Duathlon Series consists of four races, each run by a different host club in collaboration with Triathlon Victoria. A Duathlon is an important winter event within the Victorian multisport calendar as it provides athletes with the opportunity to compete during the winter months. Duathlon events involve running, cycling and running around a closed road circuit.  

Triathlon Victoria believes strongly in inclusion and that multisport provides something for everyone, no matter their age, gender, cultural background or ability. Behind every participant lies a story and for them duathlon is about celebrating both the start and finish lines. With the philosophy of inclusion and acknowledgement that every individual is different we work to increase participation in the sport through affiliated clubs, coaches and race directors. The main focus of the Duathlon Series is to provide local residents, primary and high schools and sporting clubs the opportunity to participate in a local community organised event and to promote health and fitness. The event is a community event, with all the proceeds from the event going back into the club and the sport of triathlon.

For persons with an intellectual disability, we offer multiclass racing. Please enquire with the Triathlon Victoria office for further details, on 95988686.

Event details and schedule

 Couse Dates and Locations:

Race One

Date: Sunday 11th August
Location: Kevin Bartlett Reserve, Yarra Boulevard, Richmond

Race Two
Date: Sunday 8th Spetember
Location: The Esplanade, Altona

Race Three
Date: Sunday 22nd Spetember
Location: Kevin Bartlett Reserve, Yarra Boulevard, Richmond

Race Four
Date: Sunday 13th October
Location: Kevin Bartlett Reserve, Yarra Boulevard, Richmond



Course Details:

The event will be conducted under Triathlon Australia sanctioning and officials will be provided by Triathlon Victoria. The format of a Duathlon is Run/Ride/Run and the event will offer three distances.


Run 1


Run 2

Age Group





Open (including Multiclass category) and Paratriathletes





Open (including Multiclass category)





7-9 years old and Multiclass athletes





10-12 years old and Multiclass athletes


Organised by

Triathlon Victoria

Sports House Ground Floor, 375 Albert Rd, South Melbourne

Phone: (03) 9598 8686

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